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Cosmopolitics I: The Science Wars, the Invention of Mechanics, Thermodynamics

Aus der Rezension zu Isabelle Stengers „Cosmopolitics I“:

„For Stengers, science is a constructive enterprise, a diverse, interdependent, and highly contingent system that does not simply discover preexisting truths but, through specific practices and processes, helps shape them. She addresses conceptual themes crucial for modern science, such as the formation of physical-mathematical intelligibility, from Galilean mechanics and the origin of dynamics to quantum theory, the question of biological reductionism, and the power relations at work in the social and behavioral sciences. Focusing on the polemical and creative aspects of such themes, she argues for an ecology of practices that takes into account how scientific knowledge evolves, the constraints and obligations such practices impose, and the impact they have on the sciences and beyond.“


Cosmopolitics I: The Science Wars, the Invention of Mechanics, Thermodynamics (PostHumanities): Isabelle Stengers, Robert Bononno: Englische Bücher.

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