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Peter Krämer – Dozent Film Studies University of East Anglia, Norwich

Mein Freund Peter Kramer an der University of East Anglia, Norwich untersucht populäre Filme etwa von Steven Spielberg und George Lucas und Ihre Beziehung zum gesellschaftlichen und sozialen Kontext.

Insbesondere interessieren Peter Kramer Spielberg, Lucas und Disney, das frühe Kino, das aktuelle Hollywood, und die Beziehung zwischen Europa und Hollywood. Die Fragestellung aus seinem Spielberg-Lucas-Artikel:

„It’s aimed at kids – the kid in everybody“: George Lucas, Star Wars and Children’s Entertainment

„I want to address a different set of questions about production and marketing strategies as well as actual audiences: What about the first part of Time magazine’s formula? Was Star Wars aimed at children? If it was, how did it try to appeal to them, and did it succeed? I am going to address these questions first of all by looking forward from 1977 to the status Star Wars has achieved in the popular culture of the late 1990s. I will then look backward from 1977 to the long period of gestation of the Star Wars project and its gradual transformation into a children’s film; that is a film primarily, but not necessarily exclusively, addressed to children. Finally, I am going to return to the year 1977 and examine the initial reception of Star Wars as an adventure for the whole family and as a model for Hollywood’s future.

Der Artikel kann hier ganz gelesen werden Scope: An Online Journal of Film Studies

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